What We Believe

With appropriate nurturing, foster kids and other socially disconnected youth can and will achieve.

Positive attributes of growing up as a foster kid and struggling with being in the fringes of society should be productively amplified. If a child has previously experienced an unstable and unsafe environment, there is a unique opportunity to cultivate further development of resilience, ingenuity and survival skills. The constant need to hustle may sharpen one’s ability to view things for more than what they seem at first glance and to be opportunistic, resourceful and alert to every small detail. Living in the shadow or as a “misfit” may amplify traits of creativity, adaptation and resilience.

A minority of disconnected youth demonstrates the capabilities of becoming stronger in the face of adversity to lead others into action.

We strongly believe that with appropriate screening, resourceful innovation and nurturing, those with the potential will materialize to be leaders of revival.

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