Future Program Implementation

We strongly believe with appropriate screening, resourceful innovation and nurturing, those with the potential will materialize to be leaders of revival.

Home of Champions program will be divided into three dynamic phases within 24 months.

Phase I

Pre-Screening & Preparation

Foster care youth ages 16-18 who are motivated to attend vocational and academic institutions will be identified. Linkage agreements with New Paltz & NYC Foster Care agencies will be established.

10-20 youth will be selected to attend weekend workshops in preparation to move into Home of Champions. The focus will be on building self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

In collaboration with SUNY New Paltz, and existing youth leadership program developed by Columbia University’s Teachers’ College, and other Academic partners, result-oriented workshops will be developed and implemented.

Phase II

Immersion – Living in our Community

Students will learn basic life skills (i.e. Food / budget preparation, health, hygiene, etc.)

Students will learn to work together as a team; to engage with each other in a healthy way, to share and support each other, and to create a unique collective holistically minded peer groups.

Students will empower each other with positive attitudes, knowledge and skills with an aim to bring change from within.

Phase III

Integration & Readiness

Students will focus on educational, vocational, and academic goals.

They will acquire more knowledge on career readiness.

Coaching will be provided to support and guide them towards their established goals.

Long-term one-on-one mentorship will be established.

Job placement support will be provided.

Transitional support and independent living preparation will be provided.

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