Our Services

Values, culture, spiritual capital and education are the engines of personal and community growth.

Home of Champions is a model program that can be applied to many communities in need, nationwide and worldwide.

We will provide, careful structured planning, evaluation of and consistent iteration on past and current experiences, successes and disappointments.

Strategic planning will be implemented by our board and interns: an interdisciplinary collaboration of thinkers and doers. If you would like to donate to make our services possible, please click our donation tab.

The spirit in the Home of Champions is our youth can and will achieve.

Participants will be carefully chosen based on capabilities, aspirations and potential.

They will be treated as leaders, with responsibilities as well as benefited. We will cultivate and build on their positive attributes.

Stability and consistency in our program will set the foundation for the development of realistic creativity and innovation, calculated risk-taking, open-minded sensitivity and tolerance to others, and passionate pursuit of knowledge.

Participants will be encouraged to think local, and act global as well as think global and act local. Their contributions to the local community as well as the world will be valuable.

Leadership skills will be acquired.


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